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Travel to Brazil: Guidance during yellow fever outbreak

8 March 2017

There will still be many, many people who are content to miss the pizzazz of the Carnival in Rio and take in all that Brazil has to offer once the parades are over.

In Profile: Laos

15 February 2017

High on the list of up-and-coming tourist destinations for Australian travellers is the Lao People's Democratic Republic, or Laos.

20-year peak in imported dengue: Is it lack of awareness, or just complacency?

19 January 2017

Australia has seen an increasing number of dengue notifications in recent years – the more-than-2,000 confirmed cases reported last year were the highest in 20 years.

Meningococcal B & W: Special vaccine campaigns for 2 states

28 December 2016

You may have seen mention in the media of the introduction of separate meningococcal vaccination programs in South Australia  and Western Australia  – they’re be

When word of mouth isn't the best advice

19 December 2016

While Laura Hawkins' story is a stark reminder of how a holiday can go horribly wrong - being bitten by a monkey in

Yellow fever vaccination certificate changes

28 November 2016

You have only to read through our weekly travel health alerts to appreciate that travel medicine is an ever-changing field and, while new vaccines, preventive medications and treatments are not developed every day, new diseases emerge, and previously common ones re-emerge, on a regular basis.

Shingles vaccine to protect the elderly

2 November 2016

As part of a pre-travel health consultation, we look at routine vaccinations and ensure each traveller is current with the recommended vaccines for their age group.

Rabies: Progress made, but…

28 September 2016

September 28th is World Rabies Day and we thought it worthwhile to acknowledge the event with some reminders on how to manage a potential rabies exposure – what to do in the way of first aid and what medical treatment should involve – as

Chickenpox vaccine: 2 doses better than 1?

12 September 2016

In tropical regions, chickenpox (or varicella) is a disease affecting older children or adults that’s more likely to strike during the ‘tourist’ season when it’s dry and the temperatures are cooler.

Plans for Polio - Eradication

18 August 2016

Talk to anyone born prior to the 1960s and they will tell you about how polio used to be a terrifying reality. Hundreds of thousands of children across the globe were left paralysed in its wake and confronting images of wards full of iron lung machines circulated.

Must have been something I ate …

8 August 2016

Both food poisoning and stomach flu can give rise to nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhoea - but the two conditions are in fact of different aetiology.

Countdown to 2016 Olympic Games

20 July 2016

With final packing and preparations well underway for those lucky travellers heading to the Olympic Games, there are just 16 days until the official opening ceremony.