Travel Clinics & Doctors in Sydney

Travelvax utilises local medical centres for our travel clinics around Sydney and New South Wales to ensure you get the most up to date advice from our professional travel doctors in Sydney. Our mission is to ensure you stay fit and healthy whilst travelling overseas whether for work or on holidays.

We provide immunisation against a range of common communicable, preventable diseases ranging from yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid and more in Sydney.

Professional Advice

We select medical centres with professional knowledgeable Doctors so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best advice before heading overseas. As well as immunisations, our travel Doctors in Sydney will provide you with practical advice to help you remain healthy and enjoy your trip.

Visit our Travel Doctors & Clinics For Travel Advice in Sydney

We would encourage you to visit one of our travel clinics in Sydney to get detailed advice to plan your next trip; however if you are in the early stages of planning you may want to look around our site for some detailed information on travel destinations, vaccinations and preventable diseases you should be aware of.

Subscribe to our health alerts and latest news so that if anything changes for your destination before you leave Sydney, you’ll be aware and able to plan accordingly.