Travel Clinics & Doctors in Sydney

Travelvax uses local medical centres for our travel medicine clinics around Sydney and New South Wales to ensure you get the most up-to-date advice from our doctors who have an interest in travel health. Our mission is to ensure you stay fit and healthy whilst travelling overseas whether for work or on holidays.

In our Sydney clinics, we provide vaccinations against a range of common communicable, preventable diseases including Japanese encephalitis, polio, diphtheria, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, and even chickenpox. 

For a Sydney travel doctor near you, go to our find a clinic page and also check our destination pages for recommended travel vaccinations and advice.

Get Professional Travel Advice in Sydney

We select medical centres with professional, knowledgeable doctors so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting great advice before heading overseas. As well as vaccinations, our travel doctors in all of our Sydney locations will provide you with practical advice to help you remain healthy and enjoy your trip.

One-stop Sydney Clinics for All Your Travel Needs

For anyone going on an overseas trip, a visit to one of our Travelvax clinics in Sydney is a good first step on your journey. We offer a complete travel health service providing travel health advice and vaccinations in a one-stop travel health consultation.

Travelvax Sydney Travel Health Services Include:

  • Vaccines, including Yellow Fever. 
  • Travel health information.
  • Medications to prevent and treat illnesses.
  • Documentation prepared for carrying medication overseas.
  • Emergency assistance numbers.
  • Travel accessories.
  • Personalised vaccination booklets.

For useful travel vaccination advice, drop into one of our Sydney medical centres, or if you’re booking your next trip, have a look around our website for some useful information. If you’re searching online for a “vaccination travel clinic near me” check out the location table provided.

Visit Our Travel Doctors & Clinics for Travel Advice in Sydney

We would encourage you to visit one of our travel clinics in Sydney to plan your next trip and get detailed advice on places where diseases are endemic. Our travel doctors will inform you on the vaccines you will need for whatever country you plan to visit.  

Also, the online store on our website is stocked with essentials for your trip to keep you healthy, including first aid kits and insect repellents. You can also access detailed information on travel destinations, disease outbreaks, vaccinations and preventable travel diseases. 

Subscribe to our health alerts and latest news so that if anything changes for your destination before you leave Sydney, you’ll be aware and able to plan accordingly.



How do I find my nearest clinic?

Just look above for your nearest clinic!

How do you get travel vaccinations?

For travel vaccinations, all you need to do is call Travelvax on 1300 360 164, email or fill in the online form. We can direct you to the nearest clinic no matter where you are in Australia. 

Where can you travel without vaccination?

There are around 100 countries where you can travel without requiring documentation of a specific vaccine. However, there are times when outbreaks of serious diseases occur , so it’s recommended that you contact Travelvax to find out the routine, recommended or required vaccinations for your trip.

What is a travel doctor?

A travel doctor is a registered medical practitioner with a special interest in travel and health, helping people get the right vaccinations and information to go to certain countries. Our doctors are more au fait with the changes in disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.

What is a travel clinic?

A travel clinic is staffed by registered medical professionals  who provide vaccinations and advice on staying safe and healthy while travelling overseas. They are important for travellers since busy GPs may not have the time to stay abreast of destinations where disease outbreaks are currently active. Travelvax has 8 locations in Sydney and surrounds where you can find a travel clinic near you.

Where can I get vaccinated in Sydney?

Travelvax uses various clinics across the Sydney Metropolitan area where you can get the vaccinations and advice you need to travel to the country or countries of your choice. Find your nearest travel health clinic in Sydney on the locations guide.

When do you get travel vaccinations?

Doctors in Travelvax travel medical clinics in Sydney can advise you when to get your vaccinations. The timing of your vaccines will depend on the country you’ll visit, and the disease against which you will be immunised. The vaccines vary, with some needing to be administered weeks or months before you leave and some requiring multiple doses over differing periods. Talk to your Sydney travel doctor about travel vaccination recommendations.