Travel Clinics & Doctors in Perth

Travelvax travel clinics in Perth and around WA offer immunisations that go beyond the routine vaccinations being administered in local healthcare facilities. Every vaccine is administered with closer considerations of individual needs. Our mantra is to provide you with reliable and accurate advice to make sure you stay healthy and are adequately prepared for wherever you are travelling in the world.

We facilitate professional administration of various vaccines for tetanus, polio, cholera, and even rabies.



Professional Advice

We ensure our travel doctors are up to date with the latest information and provide you with practical advice, as well as administer vaccinations to keep you healthy when you are travelling out of Perth.


Visit our Travel Doctors & Clinics For Expert Advice in Perth

When you are ready to finalise preparations for your next overseas holiday or business trip, please head to one of our travel clinics in Perth. If you are still in the early stages of planning and are not ready to come in, then please look around our website for some useful information regarding common preventable communicable diseases, vaccinations and travel destinations.

If you have any questions, you can fill our online enquiry forms or call us and have our professionals assist you in the best way possible on 1300 360 164.




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