DVT Compression Socks Therafirm Women

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DVT Socks Women

Therafirm Compression Leg Wear


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How to Measure for Compression Stockings

CLICK HERE to find out how to measure for compression stockings

Proper Sizing

The key to a proper fit is in your measurements. Knowing them assures that the size you select is the size that will fit — the first time.

Patients should be measured when they first get up in the morning to prevent measurements based upon the affected area’s circumference after swelling has occurred. Measure the patient while he or she is standing. If the fitting can not take place before the patient has been on his/her feet for some time, the patient’s legs and feet should be elevated for 15 minutes prior to taking the measurements. Take snug measurements against the skin. Avoid measuring over socks or slacks. Never remove any wound dressings.

How to Measure

  1. Measure the ankle circumference at the narrowest part of the ankle, above the ankle bone.
  2. Measure the calf circumference at the fullest part of the calf.
  3. For Knee-high, measure the length from the floor to just below the bend of the knee.
  4. For Thigh-high and Pantyhose measure the length from the floor to the top of the thigh, and measure the thigh circumference at the widest part of the thigh.
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Width 4
Height 18
Length 10.3
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