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Malaria is a serious and potentially life-threatening infection spread through the bite of a mosquito. Malaria can be prevented by avoiding mosquito bites and taking certain medications. If you are planning on visiting a malaria-affected country, make sure you visit a Travelvax Clinic before you depart.

Any person who lives in or travels to a country where malaria is present is at risk of contracting the disease. Those at increased risk include pregnant women, young children and people returning to a malaria-affected area in their country of origin (as any immunity they may have had against the parasite wanes quickly).

Depending on the risk of malaria in the area you are travelling to, you may be advised to take anti-malaria medication. The choice of medication will depend on a range of factors including drug resistant patterns of malaria in the areas you visit.

Anti-malarials will need to be taken before, during and after your visit. 

Malaria Check List

  • Know the malaria-infected areas of any countries to be visited
  • Be familiar with all the insect bite avoidance measures available, and practise them
  • Seek medical advice well before your departure date
  • Seek medical attention promptly if a malaria infection is suspected, even if you have been taking anti-malaria medication

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