Travel Clinics & Doctors in Melbourne

If you are travelling overseas for business or leisure you’ll want to make sure you stay fit and healthy. Consult a Melbourne travel doctor at any of our various Travelvax Complete Travel Health Service clinics around the city to ensure you are properly prepared for your next trip. With 13 locations throughout Melbourne metro and the suburbs, there'll be a travel doctor near you.

Our Travel Clinics in Melbourne are staffed by  doctors who are registered health practitioners providing essential vaccinations against yellow fever, polio, diphtheria, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, and even chickenpox. For a Melbourne travel doctor near you, go to our find a clinic page and also check our destination pages for recommended travel vaccinations and advice.

Get Professional Advice From a Melbourne Travel Doctor

Our Melbourne travel doctors will help to safeguard you and your loved ones so that you can stay healthy whilst travelling away from Melbourne on holidays or for work. We can help ensure you get the correct travel vaccinations and advice in Melbourne to help prevent avoidable illnesses. 

Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, your journey will always be more enjoyable if you’re healthy.

One-stop Clinic for All Your Travel Needs

For anyone travelling overseas, a trip to a Travelvax clinic in Melbourne is a good first step on your journey. Travelvax is a complete travel health service offering travel health advice and vaccinations in a one-stop travel health consultation that makes your preparations as streamlined as possible.

Travelvax Melbourne Travel Health Services Include:

  • Vaccines, including Yellow Fever. 
  • Travel health information.
  • Medications to prevent and treat illnesses.
  • Personalised vaccination booklets.
  • Documentation prepared for carrying medication overseas.
  • Emergency assistance numbers.
  • Travel accessories

Visit Our Travel Doctors & Clinics for Travel Advice in Melbourne

For the best travel vaccination advice, drop into one of our Travelvax centres. If you are unable to or are in the early stages of booking your next trip, then please have a look around our website for some very useful information and ensure your next holiday is memorable for the right reasons.

We work with travel agents, medical centres and businesses to provide accurate and reliable Melbourne travel vaccinations and advice to customers, patients and individuals looking to plan an overseas trip.

Our online store is also stocked with everything you will need on your trip to keep you healthy, including DVT socks, hand sanitisers, masks, insect repellents, first aid kits and much more.


How do you get travel vaccinations?

It’s easy to get travel vaccinations, you just call Travelvax on 1300 360 164, email or fill in the online form. The travel doctors at Travelvax are well-versed in exactly what is happening in other countries with regard to disease outbreaks and vaccination requirements, including COVID-19.

Where can you travel without vaccination?

There are around 100 countries where you can travel without requiring documentation of a specific vaccine. However, there are times when outbreaks of serious diseases occur , so it’s recommended that you contact Travelvax to find out the routine, recommended or required vaccinations for your trip.

What is a travel doctor?

A travel doctor is a registered medical practitioner with a special interest in travel and health, helping people get the right vaccinations and information to go to certain countries. Our doctors are more au fait with the changes in disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics. 

What is a travel clinic?

A travel clinic is staffed by registered medical professionals  who provide vaccinations and advice on staying safe and healthy while travelling overseas. They are important for travellers since busy GPs may not have the time to stay abreast of destinations where disease outbreaks are currently active. Travelvax has 13 locations in the Melbourne area where you can find a clinic near you.

Where can I get vaccinated in Melbourne?

Travelvax has 13 travel vaccination clinics across Melbourne and suburbs where you can get the immunisation you need to travel to the country or countries of your choice.

When do you get travel vaccinations?

Doctors in travel health clinics in Melbourne, Australia (such as Travelvax) can advise you when to get your vaccinations before you embark on your journey. When you should have your vaccines will depend on the country you will be visiting, and the disease against which you will be immunised. Some vaccines have to be given weeks or months before you leave and some require multiple doses.