Travel Clinics & Doctors in Melbourne

If you are travelling overseas for business or leisure you’ll want to make sure you stay fit and healthy. Our travel doctors at various clinics around Melbourne will ensure you are properly prepared for your next trip. With 13 locations throughout Melbourne metro and the suburbs we’ll have a location near you.

Our Travel Clinics in Melbourne provide essential immunisation against yellow fever, polio, dphtheria, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, and even chickenpox.

Professional Advice

Our travel Doctors will help to safeguard you and your loved ones so that you can stay healthy whilst travelling away from Melbourne on holidays or for work. We can help ensure you get the correct vaccinations and advice to help prevent avoidable illness.

Visit our Travel Doctors & Clinics For Travel Advice in Melbourne

For the best advice, drop into one of our centres. If you are unable to or are in the early stages of booking your next trip then please have a look around our website for some very useful information and ensure your next holiday is memorable for the right reasons.

We work with travel agents, medical centres and business to provide accurate and reliable advice to your customers, patients and individuals looking to plan an overseas trip.