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Important considerations for diet and travel

27 November 2023

Melissa Adamski APD MND BSc
Accredited Practising Dietitian and nutritionist
Nutted Out Nutrition 


Monkeypox outbreaks – ‘a highly unusual event’

24 May 2022

There has been so much in the news about monkeypox – perhaps because we’ve seemingly had nothing but COVID-19 information for the past two-plus years - so Travelvax has put together a few salient points about the illness and its prevention and transmission.

Risk Factors of Japanese Encephalitis

18 April 2022

Residents and travellers to the Torres Strait Islands and areas in South, South-East and East Asia where the Japanese Encephalitis virus is endemic were previously thought to be the only people at risk of Japanese Encephalitis infection.

Signs & Symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis

18 April 2022

The Japanese Encephalitis virus exists in a transmission cycle between mosquitoes, pigs and water birds, however it can infect horses, donkeys and humans and cause severe disease, even death in some cases.

Mosquito bite precautions for residents and visitors to southern NSW and northern Victoria

28 February 2022

NSW and Victorian health departments have issued alerts after a number of pigs i

How to Hold Your Child During Vaccination

1 February 2022

Before parents take their children for their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, or in fact any time their young  children and infants are immunised, it’s a good idea to think of a way to make the experience as positive as possible so they don’t fear a second dose or any future vaccinations.  

What Every Parent Should Know About Immunisations

1 February 2022

Getting your kids vaccinated is part of a parents’ ‘duty of care’ and most do it after ensuring they are fully informed of the benefits and any risks involved.

How Do the COVID Vaccines Change Your Risk of Infection? And Are You Less Likely to Pass it On?

1 November 2021

Media reports about deaths and hospitalisations of fully or partially vaccinated people in this global pandemic can be a bit confusing, making it hard to work out what the benefit would be for us and our loved ones.

You Now Need a Vaccine Passport in Australia. How Do They Work and What Do You Need Them For?

1 November 2021

The Australian states worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are now opening up after months of infections, lockdowns and restrictions. The vaccine rollout has gathered pace and the number of double vaccinated residents continues to grow.  

International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates (ICVC) for Australians

19 October 2021

From October 19, 2021, Australians have been able to access their International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates (ICVC) through the MyGov website.

A focus on gastroenteritis

26 May 2021

The inflammation of the stomach and intestines, known as gastroenteritis, is typically caused by a virus, bacterium or a parasite.

Insect repellents – The facts

8 April 2021

It takes just one imperceptible bite for the transmission of what could be a life-threatening disease, which makes us ask: ‘How can such a tiny, fragile insect cause so much pain, suffering and annoyance?’ (Webb 2016)