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A focus on gastroenteritis

26 May 2021

The inflammation of the stomach and intestines, known as gastroenteritis, is typically caused by a virus, bacterium or a parasite.

Insect repellents – The facts

8 April 2021

It takes just one imperceptible bite for the transmission of what could be a life-threatening disease, which makes us ask: ‘How can such a tiny, fragile insect cause so much pain, suffering and annoyance?’ (Webb 2016)

The Importance of flu vaccinations during a pandemic

20 May 2020

The Australian Department of Health’s 2019 Influenza Season summary affirmed what most people already knew: last year we endured very high levels of activity compared to previous seasons1 and those levels were high from earlier in the year – even during the summer months.

Why Adults Also Need Bacterial Pneumonia Vaccinations

15 May 2020

This year in particular the focus of Lung Foundation Australia’s Pneumonia Awareness Week (May 13–20) is very much on members of the community who are the most vulnerable, numbering among them those impacted by lung disease and lung cancer, but also people aged 65 years and older.

WHO: SUBJECT IN FOCUS: Q&A: Similarities and differences – COVID-19 and influenza

17 March 2020

Both viral infections which cause fever and respiratory symptoms, but what about transmission and other important differences? The WHO published answers to the questions –

Experts answer coronavirus/COVID-19 questions

17 March 2020

Youtube presentation by The Conversation in which questions on COVID-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 virus are answered by experts Dr Lisa Sedger, a lecturer in Virology, Immunology

COVID-19: What we do know

28 February 2020

Every morning we wake to new information, data and articles on the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and the illness it causes, COVID-19. This makes it difficult to keep track of what we do now know – and there is still plenty that we don’t unfortunately – and how it could impact us.


Flu – seasonal vaccines, available at a centre near you

13 March 2019

Influenza viruses, those which cause an infection of the respiratory tract, are classified into 3 types: A, B, and C, however it’s only A and B that usually cause illness in humans.

The Measles-Go-Round

17 January 2019

It’s a topic we have covered before, but all current evidence points to the fact that it is not going away anytime soon – Measles!

Typhoid's looming threat

24 August 2018
A colleague told me how she had managed to get typhoid fever while working at a holiday resort in Mexico back in the early 1980s - one meal taken in the nearby town proved to be her undoing.

Tick bites that pack a punch

23 July 2018
The lush European countryside in summer is renowned for emerald green meadows and the sound of cowbells, but there are many visitors, including Australian tourists, who are oblivious to a tiny, but potentially dangerous, insect that may be lurking in the grass – ticks, and they are capable of transmitting a number of diseases.