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Lunar Love's Lasting Legacy

15 June 2016

Take condoms with you, and use them.

Insect repellent. Forget flashy gimmicks

8 June 2016

Whether you’re heading to Brazil for the Games in August or just taking a short winter break in Fiji, the last thing you’ll want to bring home is dengue, chikungunya or Zika.

Leishmaniasis: Travelling on the wings of war

1 June 2016

An insect-borne disease that can cause permanent scarring is nearing epidemic levels in parts of the Middle East and East Africa, posing a risk to Australian travellers visiting the regions.

Vaccines: Young or old, home or away

18 May 2016

While more than half of Australians in the travel-loving 65-plus age bracket are at risk of pneumococcal pneumonia, only 1-in-5 is vaccinated against the potentially fatal disease, a national survey has found.

Chikungunya Vaccine: The Bottom Line

2 May 2016

The announcement of successful human trials of a vaccine against the Chikungunya virus is good news for travellers and those who live with the risk of the mosquito-borne virus across the tropical world.