Travel Clinics & Doctors in Adelaide

With 6 travel clinics in Adelaide and South Australia, Travelvax’s professional Doctors will ensure you get the best advice before going overseas for work or on holiday.

Schedule critical vaccinations before flying out. It is always advisable to have relevant injections administered before leaving the country. Some areas are more prone to certain diseases like yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies. Our vaccinations ensure maximum safety against these infections.

Professional Advice

We work with leading travel doctors through Adelaide to deliver you reliable and up to date advice regarding your travel destination. We encourage you to book a time at one of our clinics to ensure you are prepared for your holiday or business trip. At this appointment we will set a schedule any necessary vaccinations and also offer practical advice to make sure you stay healthy whilst travelling.

Visit our Travel Doctors & Clinics For Travel Advice in Adelaide

If you are early in the planning stages and not ready to visit a travel clinic, then please feel free to look through some of the useful information contained in this website. You will find information on vaccinations, travel destinations and relevant preventable diseases you need to be aware of.

We also encourage you to subscribe to our health alerts and latest news to keep you up to date in case anything changes for your travel destination.