Travel Clinics & Doctors in Hobart

With 5 travel clinics in Hobart and Tasmania, Travelvax’s doctors are conveniently located near you. Our mission is to ensure you get reliable, up to date advice to safeguard for an enjoyable holiday or a productive business trip.

We provide immunisation and advice to protect you and your loved ones against preventable communicable diseases including yellow fever, rabies, typhoid and more.

Professional Advice

All of our clinics in Hobart have very knowledgeable and professional travel doctors to ensure you get the best advice and practical solutions to help prevent illness whilst travelling overseas.

Visit our Travel Doctors & Clinics For Travel Advice in Hobart

The best advice can be sought in person in one of our travel clinics. If however you are unable to visit one of our centres, then we encourage you to view the useful information on preventable disease, vaccinations and travel destinations contained in this website.

Call today to book an appointment on 1300 360 164 and subscribe to our health alerts and latest news to make sure you are kept up to date.