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Zika: A mozzie virus hiding dark secrets

23 December 2015

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic*

Zika. Sounds more like a DJ than a disease, right?

In fact, it’s a virus passed from a person who has it to another person who doesn’t through a mosquito bite.

Risky travel persists, survey reveals

9 December 2015

Adventurous Australians are continuing to put themselves at risk of falling ill during or after overseas travel, with new figures showing less than half (46%) of those visiting at-risk destinations sought health advice before their trip.

With Hep E, mum’s the word

2 December 2015

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic*

In profile: South America

25 November 2015

By Lisa Ryan, travel nurse.

Herd the word? It’s vaccination

17 November 2015

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic*

Heard of herd immunity? Let me explain, because it’s important whether you’re travelling overseas or staying at home.

Think of all Australians as being part of one (very big) herd.

Swat up for safe schoolies or Gap Year

4 November 2015

Travelvax Australia this week joined Australian health authorities in urging parents of Year 12 students to ensure their kids are vaccinated before travelling overseas for schoolies celebrations this month.