Seasonal warnings

The Importance of flu vaccinations during a pandemic

20 May 2020

The Australian Department of Health’s 2019 Influenza Season summary affirmed what most people already knew: last year we endured very high levels of activity compared to previous seasons1 and those levels were high from earlier in the year – even during the summer months.

Flu – seasonal vaccines, available at a centre near you

13 March 2019

Influenza viruses, those which cause an infection of the respiratory tract, are classified into 3 types: A, B, and C, however it’s only A and B that usually cause illness in humans.

Tick bites that pack a punch

23 July 2018
The lush European countryside in summer is renowned for emerald green meadows and the sound of cowbells, but there are many visitors, including Australian tourists, who are oblivious to a tiny, but potentially dangerous, insect that may be lurking in the grass – ticks, and they are capable of transmitting a number of diseases.

On the menu today… You!

27 June 2018

Right now it’s the rainy season in many regions of Asia popular for travellers, such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.You may not want to hear this if you’re heading over there for a holiday soon but … when the rainfall increases, so do the activities of biting mosquitoes.

Lunar Love's Lasting Legacy

15 June 2016

Take condoms with you, and use them.

Mozzie-free travel? Pure gold!

3 February 2016

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic*

Sun and snow – the hidden dangers

24 June 2015

Every day Travelvax Australia’s experts field questions on all kinds of travel health topics. Not surprisingly, skiing is rarely among them.