Seasonal warnings

The danger that lies beneath…

26 November 2014

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic*

It's tick time...home and away

3 September 2014

By Laurie Sullivan

Handy advice to protect Asia-bound kids

25 June 2014

If you’re a parent travelling with young children to Southeast Asia soon you should be aware that hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is currently at or near epidemic level in some of the region’s most popular destinations.


28 May 2014

You might be wondering why we would profile Spain. There’s no malaria, Yellow fever, dengue, or Chikungunya and only a few fairly routine vaccinations to consider.

What we see is what we breathe

2 April 2014

If you revisited almost any major city in the northern hemisphere during the recent northern winter you’ll have noticed some changes.