Warning for GoT series fans

British tourists visiting locations made famous through filming of the Game of Thrones series are being warned of the risk of the sand fly-borne infection leishmaniasis which is endemic to the country. As described by the WHO, ‘Morocco comprises several vegetation zones which reflect varied climate and topography and influence the distribution and density of sandfly species and consequently of Leishmania species’ and ‘recent studies have found new focus of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis and the emergence of cutaneous leishmanaisis is a current public health problem in Morocco.’  Read more

Advice for travellers

Leishmaniasis is generally a low risk for travellers. The parasitic disease is found in parts of the tropics, subtropics, and southern Europe. There are two main forms – cutaneous and visceral – both transmitted by bites from infected sand flies. There is no vaccine or preventative medication: avoiding infection relies on minimising sand fly bites.

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