Cryptosporidium outbreak in Queenstown

A boil water notice for properties serviced by the Queenstown Council water supply is in place following confirmed cases of parasitic cryptosporidium gastric illness. While the source is not yet known, and there is no confirmed link to the local water supply, a precautionary boil water notice is in place. The council is working with the Health Services to establish the infection source. Read more

Advice for travellers

Outbreaks of ‘Crypto’ in holiday resorts are well documented – mainly the result of swimming in swimming pools and water parks harbouring the parasite. While the parasite can be spread in several ways, swallowing contaminated drinking or recreational water is the most common. Cryptosporidium is a leading cause of water-borne disease in most developed countries, including Australia. Read more from heathdirect.

Before you travel, call Travelvax Australia’s telephone advisory service on 1300 360 164 (toll-free from landlines) for country-specific advice and information. You can also make an appointment at your nearest Travelvax clinic to obtain vaccinations, medication to prevent or treat illness, and accessories for your journey.