COVID-19 update

The WHO epi update of June 15 announced the highest regional increases in new COVID-19 cases in the Eastern Mediterranean and SE Asia, while the five countries with most new infections were the USA, China, Germany, Brazil and Australia. Read more

In related news:

- In Europe, the agency charged with ‘scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of medicines’, the EMA, is conducting a rolling review of Moderna’s bivalent vaccine which targets both the original SARS-CoV-2 strain and Omicron. Read more  

- A CIDRAP article this week outlines why ‘Women more likely to have long COVID, different symptom profile’. Researchers looked at long-term data on post-infection sequalae, finding ‘that women mount a more robust and rapid response, which helps with initial infection but might increase vulnerability to prolonged autoimmune-related diseases’. Read more

- The journal Nature writes on ‘How common is long COVID? Why studies give different answers’

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