COVID-19 update

The ECDC’s COVID-19 epidemiological update this week commented on the rise in prevalence of the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron sub-variants which first hit Europe in Portugal, causing an uptick in cases. Another 10 EU countries are starting to see case numbers rise and the ECDC projects the two sub-variants will become dominant in the region in coming weeks due to their growth advantage (BA.4/BA.5 are also gaining ground in the USA according to Nowcast). Last week’s WHO epi update noted that ‘Accumulating evidence from several countries indicates that there has been no observed increase in severity associated with BA.5 and BA.4.’ Meanwhile, the Delta variant has been relegated to the ‘previously circulating Variant of Concern (VOC) category’ by the WHO due to the low numbers found in submitted sequences over the past three months. The agency will continue to monitor for any signs of resurgence from previously circulating VOCs. Read more

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