COVID-19 update

Confirmation this week of a 33yo Hong Kong man re-infected with SARS-CoV-2. The IT worker had tested positive in March for COVID-19 and was cleared of the infection in April, however after he recently returned from Spain, he was diagnosed with a virus which through sequencing showed noticeable differences to the first. This second infection is also said to be asymptomatic, as opposed to the first which resulted in hospitalisation. Read more. Two more apparent re-infections have since been reported in Belgium and the Netherlands.

India has claimed the highest global daily incidence for the last 18 days and has now recorded more than 3.1 million cases and 58,000 deaths.

In the Americas, the PAHO director this week called for the strengthening of public health measures as deaths ‘have doubled and the number of new COVID-19 infections reported has more than doubled’ over the past six weeks. Dr Etienne said people aged 20 to 59 were behind the spread of infections but ‘almost 70% of deaths occur in individuals over 60 years old’.

Globally, over 1.7 million new COVID-19 cases and 39 000 new deaths were reported to the WHO for the week ending 23 August

In other COVID-19 news:

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On Aug 19 the WHO provided an update on ‘Considerations for quarantine of contacts of COVID-19 cases’ for the first time in five months. The interim guidance contains ‘updated guidance for the implementation of quarantine, as well as additional guidance on ventilation and on the care of children in quarantine’.

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