Chikungunya in capital region; Some flu activity reported

Recent news of a spate of chikungunya cases in two villages located in Kandal province, surrounding the capital Phnom Penh. Last month almost 2,000 infections were recorded across 15 provinces, however the health ministry now states the situation is under control. Elsewhere, Chad’s outbreak has spread into two other provinces (Wadi Fira and Sila) as cases continued to climb towards 25,000. Biltine in Wadi Fira province has reported the greatest rise in infections of late. Read more

IN OTHER local news, Cambodia was one of the few countries to report influenza activity in the Sept 14 WHO update – predominately A(H3N2) and sporadic influenza B detections were recorded in Argentina and Côte d’Ivoire. Also in the WHO’s summary was the comment that the flu season in the southern hemisphere’s temperate zones is yet to start, while also cautioning that the update’s data may be affected by pandemic hygiene precautions, health-seeking behaviours and lower testing rates/capabilities.

Advice for travellers

Chikungunya virus is spread by the same daytime-feeding mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever. There is no vaccine and preventing infection relies on avoiding mosquito bites. Applying an effective repellent to all exposed skin and covering up are your best defences. Read more about chikungunya.

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