Travel Clinics & Doctors in Perth

The seven Travelvax travel clinics in Perth and around WA offer immunisations beyond the routine vaccinations offered in local healthcare facilities or pharmacies. Every vaccine our travel doctors administer to our patients is done with closer consideration of individual needs and travel plans. 

Don’t let illness or injury mar your overseas trip or Australian holiday. Our travel doctor mantra at our Travelvax Perth vaccination & travel centre is to provide reliable and accurate advice. Our aim is also to help make sure you stay healthy and adequately prepared for wherever you are travelling in the world. We facilitate the professional administration of yellow fever vaccinations and immunisation against tetanus, polio, cholera, rabies and more.

Book an Appointment

When you are ready to finalise preparations for your next overseas holiday or work-related trip, please contact one of our travel clinics in Perth. Schedule critical travel clinic appointments for vaccinations or advice well before flying out or taking a bus or car trip in Australia. If you are still in the early stages of planning and are not ready to come in for a travel medicine consultation, then please look around our travel doctor Perth CBD website for some useful information regarding common preventable incidents and communicable diseases like whooping cough and yellow fever, vaccinations and safe travel destinations.

Professional Advice

We ensure our dedicated travel doctors are up-to-date with the latest information and provide you with practical advice, as well as administer vaccinations to keep you healthy when you are travelling out of Perth. We also offer advice on vaccinations and travel safety to overseas tourists coming into Perth and domestic travellers seeking holidays in any of this country's exciting destinations. We offer advice on avoiding dangerous animals, reptiles and insects and what to take when travelling in Central Australia. 

Visit Our Travel Doctors and Clinics for Travel Advice in Perth

When you are ready to finalise preparations for your next overseas holiday or business trip, please head to one of our travel clinics in Perth. 

Some travel destinations overseas experience disease outbreaks and are more prone to certain diseases like yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies. At Travelvax, the travel advice and vaccinations available in our Perth clinics ensure you have maximum protection that can guard against these infections and more for a safe and healthy journey. 

If you have any questions, you can fill out our online enquiry forms or call us and have our professionals assist you in the best way possible on 1300 360 164.

If you’re looking for ‘a vaccination travel clinic near me’ or a Perth clinic or travel doctor in the city of Perth, find a vaccination centre staffed by our experienced travel doctors here. You have a choice of five in WA, so check out the list in the graphic to find the closest travel health clinic near you. 

Your travel doctor’s contact details in Perth WA can also be accessed on our information line on 1300 360 164. This is available for a direct connection to the closest conveniently located Perth vaccination & travel health centre or clinic and for agents and travellers looking for travel vaccines and answers to general travel questions.


How to get travel vaccinations?

All you need to do is call us at Travelvax, your complete travel health service in Perth and book an appointment for all your travel medicine, immunisation needs and advice.

When to get travel vaccinations?

Certain vaccines need time to work, so some are recommended to be administered well before you depart. Also, some vaccines require follow-up boosters days, weeks or months apart. Speak with one of our travel doctors for advice for your particular situation. 

What is a travel clinic?

Our travel clinics in Perth and across Australia offer a comprehensive range of vital services by a travel doctor to adults and children planning international travel or travelling in Australia. These services  include:

  1. The latest travel information, recommendations and advice.
  2. Appointments for pre-travel health checks and information about travelling with pre-existing medical conditions.
  3. Travel vaccination and information on vaccine side effects.
  4. Travel items like travel kits, mosquito nets, first aid kits, and more. 
  5. Post-travel checkups.

What is a travel doctor?

Travel doctors are registered medical practitioners.  And like those in our Travelvax clinics in Perth and across Australia, our travel medicine practitioners have an interest in helping travellers stay safe by offering vaccinations, health and travel advice. No matter whether you’re travelling to South America, Africa, Asia or anywhere around the globe, we know what vaccines you’ll need.