Travel Clinics & Doctors in Adelaide

With six travel clinics in Adelaide and South Australia, our Travelvax professional doctors will ensure you get the best advice on your vaccination needs and safety information before travelling in Australia or going overseas for work or on holiday.

Don’t let an illness or infection ruin your overseas trip or Australian holiday. Schedule critical travel clinic appointments for vaccinations in Adelaide well before flying out or taking a bus or car trip. We recommend that our patients have the relevant injections administered before leaving on their journeys.

Some travel areas overseas are more prone to certain diseases like yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies. At Travelvax, the travel advice and vaccinations available in our Adelaide clinics ensure you have maximum protection that can guard against these infections and more for a safe and healthy journey. 

Professional Advice

The professionals in our Adelaide clinics and those around Australia work with leading travel doctors to deliver reliable and up-to-date advice about your travel destination. We encourage you to book travel clinic appointments at one of our clinics to ensure you are prepared with vaccinations and advice for your holiday or business trip. 

At this appointment, we will set a schedule for any necessary vaccinations and also offer practical advice to make sure you stay safe and healthy whilst travelling.

Visit Our Travel Doctors and Clinics for Travel Advice in Adelaide

If you are in the early planning stages of your overseas trip and not ready to visit a travel clinic, then please feel free to look through some of the valuable information contained on this website. You will find information on vaccinations, travel destinations and the relevant and preventable diseases you need to know about.

We also encourage you to subscribe to our health alerts and the latest news to keep you abreast of any changes to your travel destination.

Travelling in and Around Australia

Travel medicine and advice is available at our Adelaide clinic and others around the country not only for overseas travellers but those holidaying in any of the states here in Australia. If you’re venturing north to visit places such as Broome, Darwin or any of the gorgeous national parks, we offer products and advice on how to avoid mosquito bites, for instance. 

COVID-19 is an ongoing concern, with frequent mutations giving rise to new strains. As a result, infection numbers tend to fluctuate in Australia and other countries. In Adelaide, our team of travel doctors remains well-informed about the current COVID situation and can provide you with valuable guidance on ensuring your safety during travels, whether within Australia or abroad.

We offer tips about avoiding the following:

  • Bat Rabies - Lyssavirus
  • Mosquito-borne diseases
  • Drownings  
  • Heat-related illnesses
  • Tick bites and tick-borne infections
  • Snakes, sharks and crocodiles 
  • Spiders
  • Venomous marine life

If you’re looking for ‘a vaccination travel clinic near me’ in Adelaide, find a vaccination centre staffed by our experienced travel doctors here. You have a choice of six in SA, so check out the list in the graphic to find the closest clinic near you. 

We also offer an information line on 1300 360 164 for agents and travellers looking for travel vaccines and answers to general travel questions or a direct connection to the closest clinic.


How to get travel vaccinations?

That’s easy, just call us at Travelvax, your complete travel health service in Adelaide and book an appointment for all your travel medicine and immunisation needs.

When to get travel vaccinations?

With certain vaccines, you need enough time for the vaccinations to work, so some are recommended to be administered well before you leave. Also, some vaccines require follow-up boosters days, weeks or months apart. 

What is a travel clinic?

Our travel clinics in Adelaide and across Australia offer vital services to adults and children travelling overseas or in Australia. These services  include:

  1. The latest travel information, recommendations and advice.
  2. Appointments for pre-travel health checks and information about travelling with pre-existing medical conditions.
  3. Travel vaccination and information on vaccine side effects.
  4. Travel items such as mosquito nets and first aid kits, and more. 
  5. Post-travel checkups.

What is a travel doctor?

Travel doctors are registered medical practitioners. And like those in our Travelvax clinics in Adelaide and across Australia, our travel medicine practitioners have an interest in helping travellers stay safe by offering vaccinations, health and travel advice.