Why should I use Travelvax instead of visiting my usual GP?

Travelvax is a value-add service provided in General Practice and Occupational Health clinics. Our practitioners have a keen interest in travel health and are certified to administer the Yellow Fever vaccine and can also provide other travel vaccinations including Japanese encephalitis, rabies and typhoid. They can also supply medications such as those used to prevent malaria, plus a range of other travel- associated accessories i.e. first aid kits, insect repellents and water purifiers.

What vaccinations do I need?

For an overview of current travel health advice, recommendations and requirements, call the Travelvax travel health information line on 1300 360 164.

As much as each traveller is different, so is each itinerary. Due to the many considerations that must be taken into account, final recommendations for a particular destination/s can vary even within the same travelling group. Some of the more common travel vaccines are:

Why do I need vaccines if I’m returning to visit my country of birth?

People who are visiting families and friends (VFRs) overseas have been found to be at a higher risk of many illnesses and they may have lost some immunity to common diseases at their destination. What’s more, international immunisation schedules (and even the vaccines provided) can vary considerably compared to those in Australia. This makes it even more important to seek the correct pre-travel advice and vaccinations before travelling overseas – particularly if you are travelling with children.

Can I get all the vaccinations during my consultation?

All vaccinations are administered according to the practitioner’s recommendations and your needs on the day of your visit, however some vaccines require more than one dose.

What information will I need to provide to the doctor?

Please bring with you relevant medical history details (including names of any medications you take regularly or intermittently) and any past vaccination records - you may need to contact your doctor to ask for a written vaccination record. If you have an international vaccination record book, bring this also. Other important information would be the details of your itinerary and any tours you will undertaking.

Have I left my visit too late?

Ideally vaccines should be given 6-8 weeks before departure, however it is never too late to plan for a healthy trip. Some immunisations require multiple doses that must be spaced over time e.g. Hep B, Japanese encephalitis or rabies. It can take 7 -10 days for some to be effective or for vaccination certificates to become valid.

How much does the doctor charge for the visit?

The cost of a doctor’s consultation varies, depending on the duration and complexity of your trip, plus relevant medical history. We recommend that you contact the clinic directly for information related to these costs. Consultations are by appointment only and we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to complete any necessary paperwork. Allow a minimum of 45-60 minutes for your clinic visit.

Can I claim any money back from Medicare?

Where travel consultations are carried out in GP clinics*, part of the consultation can be claimed through Medicare (for eligible card holders only). Depending on the level of health insurance, most private insurers will also rebate a portion of the vaccination costs. * Medicare rebate does not apply in some occupational health settings.

How much are the vaccinations going to cost me?

With national buying power, Travelvax can ensure competitive prices are delivered on all vaccinations and supplies. Your doctor or nurse will discuss these costs with you before you decide whether to proceed with the recommended vaccinations.

Can I claim for the vaccinations through my private health insurance?

Depending on the level of health insurance, most private insurers will also rebate a portion of the vaccination costs. Claiming from private health insurance is completed by you after full payment.