Corporate Traveller

In today's global environment, businesses are increasingly required to send staff overseas. This often requires travel to a number of countries, in isolated areas, at short notice. 

To ensure the health and wellbeing of your staff is managed and protected, Travelvax provides Corporate Travel Health Services to meet the needs of your business.

These services include quick and easy access to dedicated, professional and experienced staff who work to minimise the risk of unwell staff, lost productivity, unnecessary medical costs, disruptions to major projects and potential legal challenges. 

Travelvax is owned by Sonic HealthPlus, Australia's largest provider of occupational healthcare services.

Travelvax offers complete corporate travel health services including

  • Provision of vaccinations, including Yellow Fever
  • Preparation of documentation for carrying medication overseas
  • Personalised vaccination booklets
  • Travel health information
  • Emergency assistance numbers
  • Preventative and treatment medications
  • Travel accessories