Rains bring chikungunya, malaria uptick

A spike in chikungunya cases has prompted authorities in the province of West Darfur to declare a health emergency after heavy rains caused an increase in mosquito numbers - malaria infections are also on the rise. West Darfur lies immediately to the east of Chad’s Biltine and Ouaddaï prefectures which are experiencing extensive outbreaks of chikungunya. Read more

Advice for travellers

The symptoms of chikungunya fever are similar to dengue fever and both are transmitted by day-time feeding Aedes mosquitoes. Acute joint pain with a rash is typical of chikungunya and while fatal cases are rare, painful joints may persist for weeks or months after the acute phase has ended. There is no vaccine or prevention medication; using an effective, tropical-strength repellent to avoid insect bites is the best form of protection. Read more about chikungunya.

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