No additional YF cases in Oti district

A June 5 WHO Disease Outbreak News post updated information on surveillance and response measures for the confirmed yellow fever case in the northern region of Savanes in early February. ‘No additional cases of acute febrile jaundice were identified’ in Galangashie health area and a reactive yellow fever vaccination campaign was instituted last month to improve coverage in the region. The last YF outbreak to hit Togo occurred in 2006-7. Read more

Advice for travellers

Yellow fever virus is a mosquito-borne disease found in tropical and subtropical areas in Central/South America and Africa. While it can be severe, yellow fever infection is a very rare in Australian travellers. However, under the International Health Regulations (IHR), proof of vaccination may be required of any traveller entering or leaving an area at risk of yellow fever transmission. Read more about yellow fever.

Before you travel, call Travelvax Australia’s telephone advisory service on 1300 360 164 (toll-free from landlines) for country-specific advice and information. You can also make an appointment at your nearest Travelvax clinic to obtain vaccinations, medication to prevent or treat illness, and accessories for your journey.