Flu surges in east

Influenza infections have escalated in the lowlands department of Santa Cruz, leading the government to institute a vaccination campaign aimed at high risk individuals. An outbreak alert was issued in early May and, by the end of the month, there had been ‘5,334 suspected cases, 1,428 positive cases and 23 deaths’. Influenza viruses A(H1N1) and B have been detected most often. Read more 

Advice for travellers

Seasonal flu is the most common vaccine-preventable travel-related illness: it’s likely to be found aboard aircraft, in crowded airport terminals, and at your destination. Vaccination is highly recommended and travellers should also avoid close contact with people showing flu-like symptoms, and thoroughly washing hands using soap and water after using the toilet and before eating. Alcohol wipes are a convenient alternative if soap and water is not available. Read more about influenza.

Before you travel, call Travelvax Australia’s telephone advisory service on 1300 360 164 (toll-free from landlines) for country-specific advice and information. You can also make an appointment at your nearest Travelvax clinic to obtain vaccinations, medication to prevent or treat illness, and accessories for your journey.