Czech Republic: First human WNV cases

While mosquitoes and horses have been found to be infected with West Nile virus (WNV) in the Czech Republic, there had been no confirmed infections in humans – until this week. A senior health official confirmed the death of an elderly woman from WNV in the southern town of Breclav at the end of last week and, in a separate report, a man has been admitted to the same hospital for treatment of WNV infection. Read more. The 2018 WNV seasonhas been particularly bad across the region with a three-fold increase in cases. This week the death toll from complications of WNV infection rose to 15 in the NE Veneto region of ItalyRead more

Advice for travellers

Most human WNV infections (70-80%) are mild, subclinical or asymptomatic, but around 1-in-150 cases involve potentially severe neuroinvasive disease. The virus is transmitted by Culex mosquitoes, which feed mainly around dawn and dusk. While the risk of infection for most travellers is generally low, those visiting regions reporting human cases, particularly the peak transmission season, should take measures to avoid mosquito bites

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