COVID-19 cases set to pass 5 million

News sources are reporting almost half of all active COVID-19 cases are in just three states - Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The national outbreak total is close to 5 million (with over 80,000 deaths) and a record 97,654 cases were added on Sept 11, however a research paper published this week estimated that millions of cases may have been missed earlier in the year when testing was limited. Read more

In the Sept 14 Johns Hopkins newsletter, it was noted that Bahrain, Israel and Montenegro are all experiencing rapidly increasing incidence, while from a separate news source, Argentina’s rate of positive tests climbed further to 50 percent, after polling 40 percent since early last month. Elsewhere, the WHO Middle East region’s director is concerned by the rising case numbers, particularly in Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia and the UAE. More on the global situation in the Sept 14 WHO weekly epi update.

In other COVID-19 news:

A 2-dose Chinese COVID-19 vaccine, which is still undergoing phase III testing, has been approved for emergency use in the UAE’s first responders. Read more

A stark warning of the impact of SARS-CoV-2 on global health is contained in the 2020 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers Report, with just one indicator – vaccine coverage - ‘dropping to levels last seen in the 1990s. In other words, we’ve been set back about 25 years in about 25 weeks.’

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