11th Ebola outbreak over; Cholera surfaces in Lomani

November 18 saw the end of the DRC’s 11th Ebola outbreak declared – the last confirmed case, in Makanza health zone, was on Sept 28. A WHO summary noted that the logistical challenges were enormous as the ‘outbreak took place in communities scattered across dense rain forests as well as crowded urban areas’. Surveillance activities continue. Read more

SEVERAL provinces have experienced cholera outbreaks this year – in particular Haut-Katanga and Kasaï-Oriental – but the most recent reports have related to 55 cases and eight deaths which occurred over a 3-week period in Kalambayi, in the south-central province of Lomani. In other news on cholera outbreaks in Africa: there have been reports of infections in the busy port area of Togo’s capital city, Lomé, and an update on the situation in Banadir, Somalia. Read more

Advice for travellers

Cholera is usually spread in contaminated water. For most short-stay travellers, the risk of infection is low. Australians travelling to regions where a cholera outbreak is occurring should adhere to strict personal hygiene guidelines and choose food and beverages with care. Read more about cholera.

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