Beware the bite: Macaques, mozzies, and malaria

3 February 2015

Travellers used to have just two concerns if they encountered Asia’s ubiquitous macaque monkeys.

Permethrin: the solution to biting bugs

10 December 2014

By Ruth Anderson, travel health nurse, Travelvax Australia.

Outdoor spraying? It's a bit hit and mist

9 July 2014

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic, Medical Director, Travelvax Australia.

‘New’ mozzie virus makes comeback

27 November 2013

Dengue fever, Chikungunya fever, Zika fever… 

Aussie mozzies not dangerous? Let'€™s swat that myth!

4 September 2013

Australians tend to think of our 'home-grown' mosquitoes as annoying rather than dangerous. That's a mistake, according to one of Australia's best-known mosquito experts, Dr Cameron Webb, an entomologist based at the University of Sydney.

Swatting the 5 myths of mosquito repellents

31 July 2013

AN effective personal insect repellent is still the most reliable first line of defence against biting mosquitoes. Unfortunately, there is still confusion among people looking for alternatives to 'chemical repellents', which they often (wrongly) perceived to be 'unsafe'. And, many people don't un