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Will treat all first aid situations for large groups who anticipate being far from reliable medical care for a lengthy period.


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This extensive first aid kit contains the wish list of quality medical items as preferred by our Wilderness Medicine Institute Instructors (doctors, nurses & paramedics). This kit is suitable for expeditions, world sailing and remote worksites.

290mm X 170mm X 125mm 900gm


Contents booklet
Emergency action note book
First aid booklet
Protective gloves x 4
CPR face shield
Antiseptic wipes x 4
Plastic biohazard bag
Biohazard sticker
Safety pins x 3
EMT shears
Splinter probe
Sterile gauze swabs x 6
Cotton tips x 6
Iodine swabs x 6
Normal saline 30ml x 2
Curved sterile irrigation syringe (10ml)
Combine trauma dressing x 2
Green soap scrub sponge x 2
Sterile wound closure strips x 3
Tincture benzoin swab stick x 3
Paw paw ointment
Elastic gauze bandage (5cmx4m)
Elastic gauze bandage (7.5cmx4m)
Crepe bandage 10cm light
Crepe bandage 10cm heavy
Flexible active strips x 20
Knuckle dressing x 2
Finger tip dressing x 2
Absorbent non-adherent dressing (7.2x5cm) x 3
Absorbent non-adherent dressing (10x8cm) x 2
Waterproof dressing (6x7cm) x 4
Waterproof dressing (10x12cm) x 2
Waterproof x X2
Triangular bandage x 2
Adhesive tape
Athletic tape
Burn aid gel sachet
Open weave adhesive dressing (10x25cm) x 2
Moist burn pad (10x10cm)
Hydro gel dressing
Foam adhesive support (10cm)
Aloa vera
Thermal blanket

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