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Measles: No fun for anyone

11 February 2015

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic*

Beware the bite: Macaques, mozzies, and malaria

3 February 2015

Travellers used to have just two concerns if they encountered Asia’s ubiquitous macaque monkeys.

Altitude sickness: Feeling low on high

14 January 2015

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic*, pictured tackling Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m) which he climbed in 2011.

Kids, flu and travel: What parents should know

10 January 2015

It’s a fact that influenza is the most common, vaccine-preventable health risk for travellers.

And, the more you travel, the higher your risk of getting flu.

That’s especially true for little travellers.

Permethrin: the solution to biting bugs

10 December 2014

By Ruth Anderson, travel health nurse, Travelvax Australia.