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Nipping overseas? Beware of rabies!

25 September 2013

So what, I hear you say, we don't have rabies in Australia.
That's true. But, travel overseas to just about any country and there are lots of reasons to keep this deadly disease in mind.

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Before you travel overseas, I challenge you to make a rash decision

18 September 2013

By Dr Eddy Bajrovic, Medical Director, Travelvax Australia.

Japanese encephalitis – ‘rare’ doesn’t mean ‘never’

11 September 2013

Japanese encephalitis – ‘rare’ doesn’t mean ‘never’ Heading to Asia? Japanese encephalitis is one of the many mosquito-borne diseases you might hear mentioned as you prepare for your trip.

Business travel: Vaccinations bring healthy returns

6 September 2013

IT'S the number one fallacy of overseas business travel: The shorter the trip, the lower the health risk – even if you're a frequent flyer. "I hear that one a lot," said Dr Ed Bajrovic, the Medical Director of Travelvax Australia.

Aussie mozzies not dangerous? Let'€™s swat that myth!

4 September 2013

Australians tend to think of our 'home-grown' mosquitoes as annoying rather than dangerous. That's a mistake, according to one of Australia's best-known mosquito experts, Dr Cameron Webb, an entomologist based at the University of Sydney.

Sink your teeth into this travel app!

28 August 2013

IT'S one of those brilliantly simple ideas that make you think: "Wow, I wish I'd thought of that!" Allergy FT Food Translator is a new phone app created for people with allergies who are travelling overseas.

Tips and tricks for ticks: A travellers’ guide

14 August 2013

Ticks are smart insects. Did you know they use their back legs to attach themselves to the tip of a blade of grass or leaf and wait with their front legs outstretched, poised to 'catch' a passing animal or human?

Plan to screen sick travellers for ‘superbugs’

7 August 2013

Australian travellers who have been hospitalised in countries where there’s a high risk of acquiring highly drug-resistant bacteria will be kept in isolation after returning home if they are found to be infected.

Travelling with kids? Get a grip on HFMD

31 July 2013

Most parents know hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) as a virus that affects infants and young children.

Swatting the 5 myths of mosquito repellents

31 July 2013

AN effective personal insect repellent is still the most reliable first line of defence against biting mosquitoes. Unfortunately, there is still confusion among people looking for alternatives to 'chemical repellents', which they often (wrongly) perceived to be 'unsafe'. And, many people don't un

Last-minute travel – it’s never too late to call

30 July 2013

At our travel health advisory call centre, we get calls from anxious people who've left it almost literally until the 'last minute' to check on the potential health risks of their overseas trip. In a perfect world, it's best to give yourself 6-8 weeks to arrange this important pre-travel consulta