Risks and illnesses

Plans for Polio - Eradication

18 August 2016

Talk to anyone born prior to the 1960s and they will tell you about how polio used to be a terrifying reality. Hundreds of thousands of children across the globe were left paralysed in its wake and confronting images of wards full of iron lung machines circulated.

Must have been something I ate …

8 August 2016

Both food poisoning and stomach flu can give rise to nausea, vomiting, cramps and diarrhoea - but the two conditions are in fact of different aetiology.

Countdown to 2016 Olympic Games

20 July 2016

With final packing and preparations well underway for those lucky travellers heading to the Olympic Games, there are just 16 days until the official opening ceremony.

Health for the Hajj

13 July 2016

Each year the Hajj pilgrimage takes place in Saudi Arabia when more than 3 million Muslims from over 183 countries converge on the city of Mecca.

Cheap fares help fuel Asia’s dengue

6 July 2016

Booming low-cost air travel is helping to fuel outbreaks of dengue fever across Southeast Asian countries, according to an expert in the mosquito-borne disease.